Located at 101 Firehouse Road in the heart of the Cordry Sweetwater Conservancy District, Cordry Sweetwater Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance, Inc. provides Fire, Rescue, and Basic Life Support Ambulance services to the residents of the Conservancy District and surrounding areas through mutual agreements with other departments.

20171011bc FIRE cordry
Cordry Sweetwater Volunteer Fire Department: Front row, left side: Tom Rhode, Fire Capt. Bernie McGaha. Back row, left side: Jim Green, David Bennett, Ambulance Capt. Tereasa Gillentine, Secretary/1st Lt. Teresa Bennett. Front row, right side: Jessica Hostetler, Ryan Slutz, Jack Junnemann. Back row, right side: Audi Brook Bank, Chief Michael Leavitt, 2nd Lt. Travis Hostetler, Treasurer/Fire Lt. Greg Vavul, Mike Fouch. Not pictured: Assistant Chief Gregg Gillentine, Lt. Rodney Gunter, Phil Stephens, Sheryll Durbin, Bill Boyle, James Burgess, Andrea Johnson, Travis Tubbs, Todd Larson, Jennifer Flynn, Dion Walter, Tony Carrico, Ken Jenkins, Mary Fouch, Michael White, Nate Zosso, Alex Larson, Chris Leavitt, Emily Fouch, Jon Lucas, Noah Hostetler.


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